Atlas Defense Violence Prevention Training

Marginalized folx of all kinds have been overlooked and underserved by the traditional self defense industry. Atlas Defense's training addresses that by intentionally serving the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community to prepare for the modern threats they face. Experiencing high threat environments at home and abroad as a Marine and security contractor lent the founder of Atlas Defense insight into how one can feel safe without letting that situational awareness dictate a lifestyle. That lens of experience coupled with his Colombian born heritage gave Marc-Manuel the empathy to develop a hunch that minorities of all kinds were getting underserved. That's why Atlas' training enables students to feel safe on their own terms, with and without a gun

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Situational Awareness

The foundation of any personal protection plan should rely on your mindset more so than any tools.  With or without a firearm, applied Situational Awareness can help you feel safe in any environment you choose to be in.

A series of situational awareness classes are currently being offered live and on-demand.

Situational Awareness & Violence Prevention ------Webinar Series------ (Ends June 2021)

MN Permit to Carry Webinar

In response to the impact of COVID 19 and in solidarity with evolving community defense, our MN Permit to Carry class is now available via live webinars and small group settings. 

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Dry Fire Friday - Any skill level welcome!

Responding to the wide variety of gun owners picking up the skill, we've been able to offer weekly webinars led by Atlas Defense certified Instructors.

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Drawing from the Holster Dry Fire

If you carry a concealed handgun, are you comfortable with your holster? Have you ever drawn from your holster with live fire? Chances are, you've probably answered no to one of those. This segmented video class will guide you through drawing from your holster in a dry fire environment.

Use of Reasonable Force

All of these courses are designed along a spectrum of Reasonable Force.  In most states, use of reasonable force laws dictate that you use only the amount of force that is reasonable and proportional to the threat.  That type of 'force' actually includes having the situational awareness to know when to break contact early if there is a suspicious situation unfolding.  Avoidance, deterrence, de-escalation, mitigation, and active defense are all just a few of the options available for any unique threat.  These courses will help prepare you for that judgement and decision making process.

What's with the whale?

The Humpback Whale is the Atlas Defense logo for a variety of reasons.  Primaily because whales are perhaps one of the most complex mammals we have yet to fully understand, we know that whales use a type of telekenitic 'sonar song' to communicate, navigate, and avoid danger.  While we still don't fully understand the meaning of the whale's song, we do know that this is evidence of a creature aligned with thier instincts.  All too often, survivors of violent attacks wistfully state that they should have listened to their gut or instincts telling them that something bad was about to happen.  At Atlas Defense, we are driven to align you with those instincts better through this training we are presenting.


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